Good results February 3, 2008
Reviewer: Ginger from Montana

My son gave me the Biosta sprouter with no instructions. I have been sporuting for 34 years with many methods. I really enjoy using this sprouter. I have read the mixed reviews of this product. It's obvious the instructions need to be changed.
Put a little water in with your seeds. Cover them with a towel to mimic planting. Allow all the water to be absorbed and wait a 2-3 days, don't let them dry out. Add water as needed or use a spray bottle of water to DAMPEN them. Take the green cover off to green up the the sprouts, that turn green. Continue to spray small seed sprouts. With lentils or mung beans rinse and eat after they sprout. You can put them in a pot of water and allow the casings to rise, skim them off and strain. This is easier then you think. To clean the trays use a mild bleach solution and a toothbrush. Happy Sprouting

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