Poor Quality, Nightmare Company June 21, 2008
Reviewer: Linda H. from Front Range, Colorado

I got my Champion Juicer about 15 years ago, and LOVED it. It is a well made and versatile workhorse that does everything from grinding grain to making peanut butter. However do not be fooled by the new machines. They look the same, but the interior configuration is different. It does not work the way it is supposed to, and the company doesn't care.

Several years after I got my juicer, my mother-in-law wanted to get a better juicer than the centrifigual one she already had. Upon MY advice, she gave away her old, reliable juicer and bought a Champion. I was shocked that the motor sounded loose and rattly, and the pulp came out wet and drippy. Hardly any juice came out. It was obviously a piece of junk that was either broken, or poor quality, or both.

I called Whole Foods, where it was purchased, and they said that they did not offer any warranties on their juicers. They advised me to contact Champion directly. When I called the Champion company, the person who answered the phone was rude and defensive. She said that they had "upgraded" the unit, and that the noise simply reflected the "better" motor. She flatly denied that the machine could possibly be defective, and she said that the company policy does not allow refunds. She claimed that we must be doing something wrong - it didn't matter that I already owned one and knew how it was supposed to work. My only choice was to ship this extremely heavy machine back to California (AT MY OWN EXPENSE), or accept it as is!

So my unfortunate mother-in-law had given away her good juicer, and was stuck with one that barely worked. It languished in her cupboard for a long time, unused. Now, several years later, she is caring for a sick family member, and desperately needs fresh juice. We lugged it out, thinking that it was better than nothing, but when we plugged it in today, it wouldn't even turn on. The machine is totally dead, and she did not even get a single full glass of juice from it! Of course, the company claims that "nothing is wrong with the machine".

My suggestion is that if you want a good juicer, buy an Omega, or purchase a used Champion that is more than 15 years old.

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