Champion juicer 2000 vs. 4000 December 11, 2018
Reviewer: R.M from Baltimkore, MD

I had the privilege of trying both of the Champion 2000 and 4000. The champion 4000 I had for several months, it blends nicely, makes great fruit whip, BUT it does NOT juice well AT ALL!! For example I would be juicing apples and carrots, the pulp would constantly get stuck in the machine, therefore heating up the juice. The amount of juice yield was very little and pulp was a lot and very wet, Still had a lot of juice in it. When I tried to run the pulp back into the machine a second time it would get stuck and heat up the juice. Also it took so long to juice just a cup. The cleaning up took forever as well!! I do not recommend this for anyone! The champion juicer 2000, I actually grew up with it in my parents home, theirs is 20 years old now and still works like its new. Amazing Juice! juices at a good speed, pulp runs through very smoothly, juice yield is much more than its newest version. Fruit whip is great! Also the cleaning up is much easier than the 4000. In conclusion, the champion juicer 4000 was not made well, I'm afraid the Champion company will ruin their reputation with this new version. I definitely recommend buying the champion juicer 2000, I love it and enjoy using my own champion juicer 2000 for myself and for my family!

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