I like it...but it does heat the juice July 11, 2006
Reviewer: Lisa from Texas

My only other experience with juicers is with a centrifugal juicer. The Champion juicer defienetly produces more juice than the Juiceman juicer, but I have noticed that even if I put the blade component in the frig beforehand the friction created tends to raise the juice temp a few degrees. Otherwise, it is fabulous. It makes awesome sorbet. It does have some difficulty juicing leafy greens; I think more so bc of the screen size than anything else. It is a breeze to clean, taking probably a total of 5minutes after you are done juicing. I try to rinse off the screen btwn veggies to help with any clogging. Maybe there is a better way, though? I know there is a different size screen! Overall I am pretty happy. I would be curious to see how the greenstar compares though?! Hope this helps someone!

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