Not useful to me February 7, 2006
Reviewer: A Customer from Chicago

I never use this "juicer". It gets hot and then you have hot carrot juice. And it takes a long time to make juice, it leaks juice out of the blank plate....i could go on, but you get the point. I use it only to make nut butter. Another reviewer also mentioned that its a messy clean up. That's true, it is. I went to Target and bought Jack LaLane's juicer and totally love it. I also have owned a Juiceman Junior and the Omega 4000. The Omega is great, but i hate the small food chute. That's why i bought the Jack LaLane juicer. It has a chute large enough to fit whole small apples or three carrots at once. Just have to be careful if you have small kids who would want to stick their hands in the chute!

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