some pros and cons November 14, 2013
Reviewer: A Customer from Florida

some pros and cons

good for basic carrot, celery, beet for 1 or 2 people
celery is best cut into 3 inch lengths, and done last
as the fibers eventually slow the machine, & cause heat

will do ginger root
again best to pre cut it into chunks due to amazing fibers in ginger

good for firm apples and pineapples
good for frozen bananas
good for peppers, cabbage, cucumber, grapes setc
when doing apples etc. run the pulp thru again

greens are problematical
small amounts of parsley, may be feed along with carrots
like wise kale may be processed in small amounts
don't even think of wheatgrass

for blended salads use a high speed blender like Vitamix
for large quantities of green juice without fiber I think a machine with Auger is best

compared to the Angle juicer it is very easy to clean
use a tooth brush to scrub the screen under running water and it's pretty quick

the pulp is wetter than that from a twin auger
and so the Wells press really helps in combination

slower speed than a centrifical means less oxidation

durable plastic

grain attachment is ok (but dusty so best done outside) for making a loaf or two
but no substitute for a real grain mill

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