Disappointed with quality October 26, 2004
Reviewer: A Customer from Arkansas

I just started using it. I am a bit disappointed because I paid $250 and it is really cheaply made. I think it's a good product but the trays are really low quality and they are so expensive to replace. It's just way overpriced! I also wish it had holes for draining the water compartment. It's hard to clean especially if you want to remove all the bleach water. I haven't used it enough yet but my first experience has not been very positive. I bought it because I have tried making sprouts the way that Steve Meyerowitz describes in his book "Sprouts the Miracle Food". I wish there was a better way to rinse out the molded seeds. As of now, the sprouter is not in use. I will give it one more try with H2O2 and hope things go better (I hate bleach!). If not, it will end up on ebay :|

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