Bad Design September 26, 2008
Reviewer: Mike from Missouri

The basic functionality of the unit is good, but I'm betting that the "engineer" who designed it is a man who's never washed a dish in his life.

After only two loads of sliced apples the trays were sticking in the slots and required cleaning.

The main box of the unit does not open up to clean the tray slots, and the back end of the tray slots is squared so you can't get a brush into them, causing crud to accumulate in the corners. With the electrical components exposed in the back of the box, you should NOT spray water into the unit!!!

The trays themselves are made of a plastic like material with HUGE holes in the lattice, so that you need these HIGHLY flexible plastic sheets to keep the food from just falling into the bottom. The trays have poor design on the bottoms - more square slots - but at least you can get at them with a brush. The flexible sheets are soft plastic-like material with small holes in them... VERY difficult to get dried-on material off, and the "teflex sheets" have the flexibility of a couple of sheets of paper so THEY TOO are difficult to wash.

I'll be looking for something easier to wash to replace the tiny-hole sheets and the "teflex" sheets. It's a sad thing when you have to scout around to find functional replacements for parts of a brand new piece of equipment.

Overall rating? Fair to middlin', but no better. For my next unit, I'll be looking at other brands and designs, being glad I didn't buy a larger one of these.

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