Excellent February 26, 2002
Reviewer: Karuna in Wichita from Kansas

First of all, I was very pleased with the service from this company. The dehydrator arrived in four days and I was able to track it with the UPS tracking number. Second, I am very pleased with the dehydrator and the timer/thermometer. The dehydrator is easy to use and easy to clean and does a wonderful job. I suggest going to amazon.com and ordering some dehydrator recipe books as the one that comes with the dehydrator is quite limited. My books arrived today and I am eagerly looking forward to trying the recipes for beef jerky, chicken jerky, etc. Finally, the thermometer is very useful if you are trying to keep the temperature below 106 degrees or so (so that you do not kill the enzymes in the food). It allows more precise regulation of the temperature at which the food is drying. Otherwise you just have a "ballpark" estimate. However, if you are not interested in keeping your food in a "living" state, your may not need the thermometer. I would recommend this dehydrator. As far as I am concerned, it will pay for itself in beef jerky alone!

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