Fascinating new toy October 10, 2012
Reviewer: A Customer from Cleveland

I bought the 9-tray Excalibur to process the bounty of tomatoes from my garden. Problem was I kept eating the results before I could store them! There's something about dehydrating that brings out unexpected, wonderful tastes from foods. One thing led to another and I continue to explore new uses. I went from dehydrating fruits and vegetables to my current favorite - making crackers. They are delicious beyond description!

If you have the time, curiosity and passion for food that I do, you will love what you can create with a dehydrator and will wonder why it took so long to get one. Like anything else, it has a learning curve but that's quickly mastered and it becomes second nature. I look forward to trying fruit leathers and other treats I still haven't made.

The fan is audible but nothing invasive - not what I would call noisy - and I keep it going on a cart in the dining room (have a small kitchen). The plastic inserts are very easiy cleaned with a vegetable brush if they are soaked for a few minutes beforehand.

I followed Discount Juicers recommendation and bought a Taylor thermometer to check the temperature, but have discovered that this Excalibur is quite accurate. It's a great product and I will never be without one.

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