outstanding machine February 15, 2002
Reviewer: A Customer from Oklahoma

I love my juicer! It is easy to operate and clean! Most organic carrots fit right into the machine and do not need cut. I juice beets, celery, lettuce, parsley, just about any vegetable. I also make almond butter and fruit smoothies. I recently started juicing wheat grass. This machine does it all. I can assemble, juice and clean in about 30 minutes. When I juice threwout the day I only clean it at night. I run a gallon of water threw it after each juicing to remove any pulp from the inside and cover til the next juicing and repeat. It is wonderful! I did place the juicer about waist level to make juicing large carrots easy. I have heard some people say they have trouble pushing the carrots through. When the machine is lower you have better use of arms. I would recommend this machine to anyone, young or old. Mine is several years old and still works like new. If you want a good juicer for reasonable this is your best buy.

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