11702 January 21, 2010
Reviewer: A Customer from babylon

I feel compelled to write about this machine. i own a twin gear juicer its great. however for wheatgrass i needed somthing else it was a pain. I got this juicer and it is excellent , it juices fast cleanup is a breeze. It does not foam at all!! i love it. no more fibers in the sink the rope like pulp goes right to the garbage. And the screan washes right off no matter how much i juice, the wheatgrass does not get pressed into the screen.I got the all stainless model my wife does not mind me leaving this machine on the counter because it is handsome in appearence. Very sanitary. I am very happy. I can get my wheatgrass juice and clean up in a couple of minutes. I would recomend this machine too all for wheatgrass!!!! I wrote this because i could not find any postings on this awsome machine.So i took a chance and am not disappointed at all...

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