A different opinion October 26, 2002
Reviewer: A Customer from Texas

In my family, I own two Norwalks and four Green Star Juicers. I am an engineer and feel qualified to give this opinion. The Green Star although better than most reasonably priced juicers can in no way match the quality of the Norwalk. The Green Star is harder to use and oxidizes the juice. Too much foam is an indication that your juice is being ruined and the GS green juice is much foam vs the Norwalk there is none. Also, it is a poor design for anyone without alot of muscle. My mother cannot make Green Juice with the GS because it takes too much pressure. Also the GS feed shute is too small often having to cut your carrots in half. The twin gear concept of the GS is a good idea but the fell short on their engineering. The 1" diameter gears are just not big enough. If the were 2" diameter then it would pull the produce in without much force. The produce simply has too much surface area for the 1" gears thus, you need force/muscle to juice. If you are using this juicer as a part of a cancer cure program like Gerson...DON'T!!! Spend the money for a Norwalk as your life is too important. I am simply appauled that the sellers of this product can make the claims that this juicer outperforms the Norwalk. Yes, it is better than most, but most juicers are bad. Until the GS engineers learn the basics about engineering, the GS might be considered the Caddilac and the Norwalk the Lamborghini.

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