I still love it! January 19, 2005
Reviewer: Meg from Madison, WI

I have used this juicer at least once a day (and often twice) for more than a year. It still works just like new. It still gives me great juice. It still amazes me how it well it juices leafy greens (kale, collards, etc.), zucchini, cucumbers, and all the usual hard vegetables with so little foam. I'm sure i get about twice as much juice with this machine than with my old Champion (plus the Champion never could handle the leafy stuff)---I just feed the pulp back through as many as 6 or so times. Cleaning is still not especially quick, but the only picky thing is getting the screen clean. I average 12 to 15 min for a complete run-through, depending on how much time it takes to prep the vegetables. The little black feet leave crumbs and black marks on the counter, so I keep the machine on one of those thin plastic cutting mats---works great! If you're serious about juicing, I recommend this puppy very highly.

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