great juicer, but May 30, 2002
Reviewer: Kate from Chicago area

This is my 2nd juicer, and this certainly is a well built product. My first one burned out in a few months.

It has great yeild, handles parsley and green leafies really well, not to mention carrots etc. If you put your green leafies in stack first it will grab them and pull them in all on their own.

If you're someone who enjoys cleaning parts this is the juicer for you. It took me longer to clean the thing than it did to make the juice. So if you like to have 3 glasses of fresh juice a day, plan on 4.5 hours to make it. Thank god you can store the juice from this machine for 24 hours.

Not to mention a degree in engineering to put it together. Vita-mixers keep looking more and more attractive to me.

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