awesome :) June 19, 2002
Reviewer: Keith from Chicago

Big investment, but a wise one if you're committed to juicing. I don't know about the pasta & mochi attachments (didn't buy b/c knew I wouldn't use them), but the juicer itself is great. Makes high quality juice and is fairly easy to clean up. Best feature that other juicers don't have - ability to make wonderful sorbet from from frozen fruit. The kids love it - and so do the adults.

HOWEVER, don't waste your money on this juicer if you aren't really committed to the benefits of juicing and committed to taking the time to juice. It is a bit of work - we usually spend 30 minutes per juicing session (and make almost a gallon of juice). So, don't buy it if you are just fancying the idea - if that's the case, buy a juiceman and see if you are able to juice enough to make the investment in a Green Star worth while.

If you know you'll juice a lot, buy this machine. It rocks.

(p.s. This is the second best kitchen appliance I have purchased. The best purchase was our Vita Mix blender. [ok, I guess the fridge is the best, but that one's a given!])

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