I've had better May 12, 2014
Reviewer: Chad from Michigan

This juicer does not do everything it says it does. I bought it because they claim dry pulp and very high juice yield http://tinyurl.com/Very-high-juice-yield If this was an online dating site it would read; I am athletic, excellent family, healthy eater and looking for long term love.
What I would have gotten is someone that considers walking to her car exercise with muffin top hanging out for my enjoyment, 3 times divorced and she thinks her cats are now her family, healthy eater well that was just a lie and the long term love thing well that was not a lie.

This Juicer does makes juice and the cat lady in my story is looking for love but for the price I would prefer to not either of them in my house.
If you like wet pulp and low juice yield this juicer might be for you so for $549.95 Consider yourself warned.

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