Love my juicer - life changing October 18, 2021
Reviewer: S. from Bay Area

The newest and best part of my routine now is using this juicer. I love that this model produces super high quality/nutrient juice. I sometimes grumble at the cleaning but it is so worth it. I just put on a podcast, music, or YT video. The process of juicing has become a relaxing ritual. This juicer is amazing with greens and celery! My produce NEVER goes to waste now bc this machine can handle just about anything.

John provides unparalleled customer service. I now rec his videos and this site to friends interested in juicing. So glad I bit the bullet and got this top of the line juicer as my first one! I am not handy in any way shape or form and was relieved it was so easy to assemble and to use.

Cleaning isn't difficult but takes a couple of minutes. As time goes on I am sure I will get faster. A couple of minutes is a small price to pay for the health benefits! I now drink 1-2 jars (32 oz each) of juice 5x a week. My skin has never looked better. Energy up. Happiness up. You won't regret it!

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