ALMOST perfect and easily the top juicer May 2, 2008
Reviewer: Steven Singer from Moorpark

I've owned this juicer for over six months and use it every day. I first saw it in use at Juliano's Raw restaurant in Santa Monica California and became hooked. It is a WONDERFUL juicer. Some of the “pros” for purchasing this machine, of which there are many, are the amount of juice it extracts, the very low noise, and the versatility. The cleanup is not insignificant but no more of a chore than past juicers I've used. It is not a small machine but to make a juicer so robust and versatile necessitates some size. The only “con” is that I harvest and juice my own wheatgrass and I have found that I cannot reduce the amount of foam it produces under any circumstances. (In fact, I bought an Omega for just that one purpose: juicing wheatgrass.) F everything else, however, it is a wonderful if not perfect juicer. In summary, this is easily the best I have found and for all things not grassy, it is perfect.

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