Great Juicer April 10, 2008
Reviewer: Robert Winterode from Homestead Florida

Just got this juicer , and it is great at juicing grapes , oranges , apples and all other soft fruits , all you have left is the shell or hull . Hard vegatables like carrots and other hard vegatables it is good for juicing . This machine is made out of very thick special plastic jucing parts and is heavy duty , I was suprised at this considering the price . Cleaning is very easy because this machine does not have a screen like other slow juicing machine's . I had a Samson 6 in 1 juicing machine which was very hard to clean because of the juicing screen . After using the Samson machine for 6 months . I gave it to my sister . I went and bought the champion and noticed the juice did not tasted as good as the Samson juicer . I knew this was because of the heating up of the juice through the speed the juicer runs at . The Champion is a great juicer and the clean-up is a breeze . But the juice does not taste at all as good as the Samson juicer . I found the Healthy Juicer on the internet and thought I would try this one because of not having a screen , well I am very happy I bought this juicer as like I said it is great and easy to clean . Now I am giving my champion away , as I have no use for it . Healthy Juicer is a great choice if you want a easy to clean juicer that has fantastic tasting juice . Also the Healthy Juicer is rated at 2.63 Horsepower which is more then the Samson . I saw a Juicer that has a 4 horsepower geared output , The Solarstar juicer , but this one has a screen infact it has two screens . Well I am very happy with my choice .

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