good but shocking September 27, 2009
Reviewer: A Customer from Ashland, OR

I love this juicer for its quietness, space-saving design, the fact that juice stays healthy longer, less pulp / more juice. Biggest problem, it's all too easy to get an electric shock from the off/on rocker switch; they say don't touch it with wet hands but one's hands are often wet when juicing. This problem could be easily fixed by placing the switch on a vertical surface, or using a toggle switch. Or installing a clear piece of plastic which would keep water out of the switch. Meantime, there should be much more warning than there is. Also there's a little rubber plug which "can be removed" but they don't say why you'd want to. Mine was lost with the first batch of pulp I threw out after cleaning. Luckily the company had included a replacement. In general the instructions were sparse and not very inviting. Still, having tried many juicers, I like this the best.

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