Works well enough January 10, 2001
Reviewer: A Customer from New England

I am somewhat new to juicing. I've used other juicers before, but the juicelady is the first one that i have owned. I juice alot of fruits, and some vegetables, and the juicelady tends to work fine for this. The blender that comes in the package set is wonderful however, and more than capable of making most any smoothie or nut milk a person could want.

I only find two complaints with the Juicelady juicer.
The first: It has two speed settings, but the low setting does not extract juice from the pulp particularly well. I juice everything on HIGH now, or I lose alot of the moisture.
My second complaint: The two plastic restraints on the side of the juicer are rather flimsy. As they hold the bladebasket and juicebowl assembly on, they are somewhat important to the proper function of the product. This might not be such a worry, but with the short warranty it seems a problem waiting to happen...

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