Best Blender for the Price July 20, 2002
Reviewer: Cecilia B from Northern California

I am very pleased with my Juiceman Blender. For the
price, I am amazed at how powerful the motor is. Just
the other day I blended four frozen bananas into a
delicious banana ice cream in about one minute. My
old blender would have never been able to do that.
I like the computerized speed control and the fact
that the Juiceman Blender will automatically turn off
in two minutes. There is no need to babysit my
blender anymore! I love that the jar holds up to 64
ounces and the wide mouth of the lightweight jar makes
it extremely easy to clean. Another feature I like is
the lock feature on the lid; when it snaps I can be
sure that itís securely fastened.
My Juiceman blender has enabled me to
be more creative
in the kitchen and incorporate more healthy recipes
into my diet. Some of my favorites have been: banana
ice cream, young coconut smoothies, coconut mango
pudding, sun dried tomato marinara sauce, and
delicious salad dressings made out of nuts and
tomatoes. I havenít yet discovered anything that my
Juiceman Blender canít handle.

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