Too much pulp, broken juicer after 4 mos February 10, 2012
Reviewer: AS from Texas

We bought this juicer because we wanted a high quality juicer that was easier to clean. Also we liked that it stated it was PBA free. It has always been a horrible pain to clean. The owners manual was VERY badly translated. It began freezing up on the first use. It can not handle carrots very well even when I cut them up into pieces. There is always lots of pulp in the juice and stringy vegetables will clog it and give you a soup consistancy in your juice which makes you have to strain it. We have always been able to "make it work" even with all it's failings but today after only 4 months of moderate usage and only ever handwashing it, the bottom ring popped off with the screws still inside it. I expected A LOT more for the price I paid for this juicer. Very upset. No juice for me tomorrow morning :(

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