Kuvings B6000S March 10, 2014
Reviewer: J. Kennedy from Kennewick, Washington

I have been a long time user of the Champion Juicer. After recently receiving the Kuvings B6000S vertical juicer, and extracting juice from my typical blends of fruit and vegetables, I can say it does quite well. The pulp material is fairly dry, and on a par from what is outputted from the Champion. My habit of cutting & prepping vegetables for the Champion carries forward to the Kuvings juicer. I have not yet thrown a WHOLE apple down the wide feed opening, but I'm sure the Kuvings will handle it with no problem. The Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer auger is a beast when working. I've put in beets & carrots, and does this awesome crunching sound that resonates through the filter bowl. My comparison of these two types of juicers are my only experience. The convenience of cleanup with the Kuvings is about the same as the Champion juicer. The Kuvings has some minor crevices that require a little extra attention when cleaning the juicer parts. Invest in a slender bottle brush to reach these crevices is my only suggestion.

Otherwise, a solid investment in nutrition.

Thank you John for your video demos, PRICELESS!!

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