Really Nice Juicer May 8, 2014
Reviewer: Carolyn from Fort Worth Texas

I really like this juicer. The quality and design are excellent. It does a great job on most items. We have had celery strings clogging the pulp ejection shoot, which are solved by cutting it up first. Large apples have to be cut in fourths to fit in the shoot. Cleaning is fairly easy with the brushes provided. Assembly of the juicer seems confusing at first, but easily mastered. There are some unjuiced pieces of produce left in at the end and I solve this by adding back some previously juiced pulp to push it through. There is just as much foam as my old juicer and I don't notice any more pulp, but I definitely notice that the juice tastes better. No juicer is perfect, but this one gets pretty close.

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