Love it November 3, 2014
Reviewer: A Customer from North Georgia

I own the omega 2004 and kept losing interest in juicing because of the slow feed rate and amount of cutting that I had to do in preparation for juicing. was more time consuming than I wanted to invest in juicing.
Just got the kuvings whole juicer and what a difference. I alternated pineapple, carrots, apple, grapes and pears. This thing is awesome. still have to do some cutting but minimal compared to the Omega. The only drawback I saw was the amount of pulp it leaves, but, I would rather run it through a strainer any day than sit around and wait for the omega to do its job.
still keeping the Omega but the Kuvings is going to be my main everyday machine.
John is right on target with his review of the Kuvings whole juicer.

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