Great everyday juicer November 26, 2011
Reviewer: A Customer from Fresno, California

This is my first juicer and it does just what I wanted it to do. I knew that it would not do grass and/or parsley very well going into the purchase, it does, however, do everything else. I can juice carrots, beets, apples no problem. It does spit out juice a little bit on the sides making a bit of a mess, but I do it very close to the edge of the sink. The other downfall is I can't do strawberries or pears very well. So, I end up juicing the apples, carrots and oranges and transfer it to my blender where I then add strawberries and blueberries and pears. Its a nice combo.
Great for the price, fairly easy clean up. Small enough to fit on the counter. Output is great pulp free juice and the "remains" are fairly dry, which tells me it sucks out as much juice as it can.

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