Great little juicer! August 5, 2013
Reviewer: Kathy W from Georgetown, TX

I did a lot of research before I purchased this juicer. So glad I did! It's relatively quiet and does a great job juicing. Because of it's small footprint, you will have to slice up large fruits & veggies into manageable pieces. If you're looking for a small juicer that only takes a few minutes to clean up afterwards, then this is the one! I line the waste bin with a plastic grocery sack so waste is easily disposed of and I don't have to wash it out. That leaves 4 parts to wash. The only thing that is kind of inconvenient if I'm juicing a large quantity - the juicer is only tall enough to allow a pint mason jar to catch the juice. But I just empty it into a larger jar when it gets full & continue juicing. I love this juicer!!!

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