solid, fun to use, as advertised April 7, 2004
Reviewer: A Customer from Bay Area California

I've never juiced before but I find I am drawn to this machine to make juice frequently. It's just fun to use and not really bad to clean, if cleaned right away - quick rinse and wipe dry.

Construction is solid and design is compact and elegant. It is quiet and efficient.

It is supposed to be identical to the Jack LaLann version except this one has the smaller opening (a minor consideration) and much lower cost and much better warranty.

One of the salient points of the Jack LaLann juicer is drier pulp and greater juice output, which I assume this juicer provides exactly as well.

Juicing opens up a whole new realm of vegetable and fruit use. My only concern is with juicing generally -- that is, the large amount of waste which I'd otherwise eat, mostly. It seems an awful lot of nutrition is tossed out?

But the juice is a real treat and juicing is very creative.

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