... One of the best part 2 May 9, 2015
Reviewer: A Customer from Sweden, Europe

... in addition to my previous review (apologies for spelling and other errors) , more about Omega 8000:
I own several other juicers, one horizontal masticanting juicer, effective, easy to assemble and incredibly easy to clean, with ceramic (!) auger, one vertical juicer, and even the hand cranked Hurricane, and Breville 8000 JEXL.
All of these juicers suit their purposes fine, however, apart from juicing citrus fruits, Omega 8000 is by far (by virtue of very long twin gears and their triturating action) the most effective juicer I have ever seen, and probably, for leafy greens and hard root vegetables and hard fruits the most effective juicer next to the Super Angel or Green Star. The amount of pulp es very small compared to any to any other juicer, and the pulp is the driest pulp I have seen in any juicer on the market. The Omega should have simply tweaked this model only cosmetically, and never discontinued it. The juice is vibrant and a notch better even compared to all other slow juicers (single auger) on the market today.

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