Very low rpm juicer May 24, 2004
Reviewer: A Customer from Maricopa, Arizona

I have used the 8002 juicer for at least a month and a half. Basically it does a pretty good job juicing carrots,{hard}apples, and green veggies. I juiced strawberries wiith it and cloged the juicing screen. It takes up to five minutes to make one glass of carrot juice, therefore this may not be a good juicer for someone juicing for a large family. It is much faster juicing citrus than carrots. Clean up is okay but must be cleaned an soon as you are finished juicing. It comes with a cleaning brush that looks like a large toothbrush to make cleaning easier. The juicer is quiet. It makes a low humming sound.
However, these are my reasons for not giving this juicer five stars; When homogenizing raw soaked sunflower seeds the result is not as smooth as you think and even though the juicer has a solid screen for this purpose all the liquid still comes out of the juice spout. It cannot puree fruits unless they are frozen, and it does not do a good gob with frozen blue berries. So, if someone bought the juicer to make nut pates then they may be dissapointed because the results are gritty sort of like cornmeal, and running it through twice does not really help much. It has a 10 year warranty but a ten dollar service charge applies to all machines over one year old.

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