read me please July 27, 2005
Reviewer: Jeff from San Diego

I have checked them all out... just buy this one. The key to juicing is doing it all of the time & the less hassle (with a machine), the better. This machine can be cleaned completely in less than 2 minutes and totally assembled in less than 1 minute - there are just 4 basic parts to assemble - heck, my 10 and 12 year old kids can assemble it! Ok, it is a bit slower than the centrifugal type (which I threw away) but it is far more efficient... think of "slower" as being more methodical. Wheatgrass, spinach et al, no problem! I cut all my hard veggies (carrots etc) into cubes (that takes an additional 2 minutes) and barely use the plunger. I juice 3 times a day & I hate mess, inefficiency & hassle. I am so glad I bought this one! By the way there is a handle on the top (not seen in the photo) which folds down for a better, sleek look. Absolutely the best bang for the buck.

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