Favorite of 9 juicers since 1975 February 3, 2012
Reviewer: Stephen from Las Vegas

Champion, Acme 6001, Ultramatic 700, 2 Norwalks (230 & 270), Wheeteena, Phoenix AEG, Green Power twin gear; the Omega 8004 is my favorite. The easiest to use and far easier to clean than the others. I put the pulp through 3 times to get another 20-25% additional juice. I received it Oct. 12, 2011 and use it almost every day with a mix of green veggies plus carrots, an apple, and ginger. My only concern is about how much plastic may get in the juice. I prefer using the narrow end of the pusher. Push the produce through gently, donít ram the produce or the pulp through rapidly.

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