Love my new juicer! March 11, 2013
Reviewer: Jenna from Seattle

Best price I could find and my order was processed right away - I received the unit two days later with free shipping. It's super easy to assemble/use/clean and feel secure with the 15 yr warranty (feels solid too). Much easier/cleaner and much better juice than my old centrifugal juicer. I get more juice out of the produce, the color stays vibrant and it tastes fresher. I love that the pulp comes out instead of collecting inside the machine (reminds me of the playdough extruder I had as a kid LOL)! It's fun to watch the veggies get chewed up and spit out - I imagine this will engage my (baby) daughter when she gets older and help her want to eat fruit/veg. Plus if anything comes out still looking a little wet you can just grab it and put it back through (not common but I've found putting some leafy greens through twice helpful). Can't wait to use the other functions- extrude pasta, make baby food, etc.

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