great juicer February 3, 2011
Reviewer: A Customer from OC, CA

I have had this juicer for about a month,I love it

Its easy to use, easy to assemble, The pulp comes out very dry, and It is very easy to clean(less than 2 minutes to clean) and makes great ice creams, I love frrezing mango's or banana's and making ice cream with them, this is a huge plus! and the 15 year warranty!!!!!!

Con's, well Con...
the only con this has (I really had to think hard to find one ) is, If you plan on making mostly pure apple or pure orange juice this might not be the juicer for you, don't get me wrong, it makes great apple and orange juice... but if you are juicing a large amount of apples or oranges at one time (say 7-10 at once/enough for 3 people) The screen will get clogged. Since they are not very hard fruits the machine cant eject the soft pulp fast enough when you load that much soft fruit at once. If you plan on mixing your juice's ( like most people do ) this wont be an issue, What I do to avoid this problem is mix what I input while juicing, I will do an apple, followed by a carrot, and so on, this keeps the screen from clogging, and everything running smooth, and my morning juice's are delicious.

hope this helps

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