best juicer I own January 6, 2014
Reviewer: mikey b from madison, wi

Just got this juicer in the mail today and its amazing!! Does everything! Pulp is the driest I have seen. I also own the brevile juice fountain elite. Its fast but the juice separation makes you have to constantly stir it. I juice for the nutrients so this juicer wastes my leafy green produce. Bought the omega vert 350hd. Another great juicer. Its not the best to clean in my opinion a lot of screen area. But other than that it would juice leafy greens as long as you add something like a carrot to help the pulp come out. Now I have the nc800 it's amazing! Made my boys some banana ice cream with pecans and they loved it! Definitely the best choice for me. Such a breeze to clean. About to start another juice fast soon I'm pumped! Thanks for all the videos John, you have been detrimental in helping me choose the right juicers keep em coming!

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