Best Juicer for my needs February 20, 2014
Reviewer: Susan Rutherford from Grants Pass, OR

John spent a lot of time helping me over a period of several months. He is so wonderful. I have the Omega Vert 350 HD, and now just purchased the Omega NC 800 silver. I love this juicer. It makes great juice. I use a lot of greens. I also bought it because it can make nut butters and I thought it would work for grinding hominy into Masa, to make corn tortillas. It is impossible to find organic, non-GMO corn tortillas. OMG, it works for that so well, also. It is also very fast to clean. I am very happy with this juicer. So, for juicing, I have the best of both worlds with the two I now have, and I can make my own corn tortillas, too. I'm stoked!

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