Amazing!! February 10, 2010
Reviewer: Kim from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This is an impressive juicer! Quite outstanding! I just did my first wheatgrass juicing with it today. And it was a dream to do. I juiced 100 gm of wheatgrass and my yield was about 6 ounces of juice. It was extremely easy to operate and I loved that you could put the pulp back into the hopper to get a second squeeze of juice out of it and the 2nd pulp came out bone dry! And it juiced the second pulp so fast and easy it wasn't funny! It juiced the grass so fast and it just kind of sucks the grass in. There is a bit of squeaking as it's juicing the grass but that is very normal (it's the sound of it squeezing the grass) and all the Omega horizontals make the same noise when juicing (check out YouTube). I love this upright juicer. It also has a nice size hopper opening so you don't have to slice your produce smaller like you do with the smaller openings to the Omega 8006, 8004, etc. Also, you don't even have to push down on the produce in the hopper opening as you would on the horizontal single gears as this juicer just sucks it in and does it for you (again check out YouTube). It's awesome, fast (even though it 70RPMS) and gives a great yield and lovely, lovely, delicious, pulpless wheatgrass juice -- I drank green emerald today!! (at least pulpless for my wheatgrass, I haven't tested it yet with other produce) I am SO impressed!! And this baby has a nice sleek look and a small footprint. All, in all, Omega did GOOD!!

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