VRT330 is the best juicer I've ever used June 17, 2010
Reviewer: simpletalk from northwest

I have both the breville die cast juicer and the omega vrt330. There is no material difference in either juicing or cleanup speed, except you have to cut the vegetables smaller with the vrt330. The omega juicer gets more juice from less vegetables/fruit then the breville, with much less foam, and it seems like a more concentrated drink. I tried cherries with pits and strawberries, lemon, and various green drinks in both machines. The breville cannot really handle cherries with pits or citrus fruits all that well. The vrt330 is magic and will pay for itself with less vegetables in no time. The only vrt330 drawback for the non-mechanical users is the vrt330 is like a puzzle when putting together or taking apart, but once you get the hang of it, you could almost do it with your eyes closed. Happy juicing!

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