I love my new Omega Vert (VRT330) Juicer September 4, 2009
Reviewer: Rachel Rose MD from California

After years of indecision about buying a juicer (they're a hassle to clean? they destroy the nutrients of
the food?), I'm so glad I waited for this one. It's totally well designed
and intuitive. I was able to figure it out without the manual. (But I'm glad I ended up reading it before use, there's an important few tips to know, but only takes a few minutes to read.) Juicing is a breeze (er, fun!) and it's pretty quiet. Clean-up takes less than 5 minutes and much
better than I expected: just disassembling and rinsing, and using the little scrub-brush on the strainer. Two strainers are included, for
whether you like more pulp or less pulp in your juice. (I'm a "more pulp"-kind-of-a-girl.) The best part is, because the Omega Vert juices at 70 RPM instead of in the 1000's, the juice is supposed to be good for up to 72 hours instead of 20-30 minutes with other juicers, which means more nutrients in my juice and no excuses for not juicing despite my 70-80 hour
work-week. It's small, it's cute, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for the BEST JUICER EVER! -Rachel Rose, MD

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