50-50 March 3, 2013
Reviewer: A Customer from indiana

I brought this machine and had it for two weeks I think its a good juicer if you have never had a Champion juicer. I did my juice off myself. First the Champion juicer is easer to assemble and take apart. Second all the parts clean about the same except for the screen and the Champion juicer wins this by far, When you start juicing fast clean up is a must. I always start my day with two sticks of celery, one lemon, one orange, one apple and three carrots. I use the big hole screen on my Champion and it has less pulp than the Omega vrt small hole screen, also the pulp in the Champion is real fine and the pulp in the Omega is stringy, I guess its what you like. As far as yeild goes they were so even I could not tell the difference. The Champion will never jam up and it juices greens a lot better than what they say. Champion for me.

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