Great Juicer March 12, 2011
Reviewer: Tina Perez from Bay Area, California

Just got the Omega VRT 330HD. Have used it twice now and I really like it. A little tricky at first putting it together but once you get you got it. Main complaint is it gives A LOT of pulp even with the low pulp screen. I have to strain it again with a separate strainer. The shoot where the pulp comes out is a little tricky to clean. You have to use the end of the brush they provide to pull the stuff out. But I would buy this juicer again. Given it's a slow turning juicer it does juice very quickly.Fairly easy to assemble and disassemble. Takes a few minutes to clean. Looks more like a blender on the counter due to its shape and size so doesn't take up a lot of space. Definitely recommend this juicer if you want to juice a lot of greens.

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