Learning Curve December 13, 2011
Reviewer: Al from San Diego, CA

This is the best juicer I have ever used. As far as taste, color, and freshness, this is a great juicer. Yes it does produce more pulp than the high speed juicers, so that is a matter of preference. It also produces a lot of foam, but if you use the juicer properly you can minimize this. There is a learning curve in that you have to learn to use this juicer properly or you will have a frustrating experience. You must cut your produce to 1/2in. pieces, particularly stringy and leafy produce to avoid clogging. Once I learned and excepted the fact that I have to cut and do more preparation, I have never had the clogging issues again . Also you have to make sure leafy greens have been thoroughly dried before juicing to avoid excessive foam, I still havenít figured this out, but when I juice leafy greens I get more foam if they are still wet from being washed as opposed to when they are dry. Despite the extra work preparation using the Omega VRT, the yield, and quality of juice are well worth it.

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