Fantastic October 7, 2010
Reviewer: Jeff from Portland, Oregon

I borrowed a Champion for a while before buying this unit. It was messy, hard to operate and hot. The Vert is simply amazing. Everything that needs to be cleaned after use is easily transferred to the sink in one piece. The ejection port is small but I easily blow out the very dry pulp with my sink sprayer. Time will tell but it runs so smoothly and almost self feeds. Leafing things need to be puched down to the auger which then grabs them. In several weeks of daily use, it has not even thought of plugging up. The pulp is so dry and the juice is the same cool temperature of the vegetables from the refrigerator. It is compact. It is one of best products I have ever purchased. I own an Omega centrifical and I can't say enough for quality and customer support.

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