Finally a quiet Juicer!!!! July 1, 2012
Reviewer: Gabby from Nebraska

I recently purchased two other juicing machines and then returned them. Although they were billed as being "quieter"...they were so LOUD--my dogs ran out of the room. Price was important, but not a final determining factor as long as I got the quality I expected. I was looking for a juicer that I thought would save time. I was told by someone that the Omega 350 was I didn't look at it as closely as I should have. BIG MISTAKE. After returning the two other brands, I researched some more and viewed numerous videos(my brain was on overload). I decided to try the Omega. Three time's a charm right? What a difference! Prep time is the same, juicing time is not much "slower" perhaps 4 min vs 2, clean up is easy, pulp is dryer, juice tastes better and it's dogs don't run out of the room. Here's the kicker, the juice can be stored up to 72 hours (refrigerated of course), so I can juice a larger amount when I have the time, and am saving time because I don't have to use the machine every day. Add a 10 year warranty to that... Great Product.

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