EEHhhh October 16, 2012
Reviewer: Chad Albert from Tampa, Fl

At first glace, looked to be the juicer worth the price....but once it arrived with made in Korea on it! I purchased this juicer because I wanted a work horse and this is what was promoted from demonstration vids, but they cut out all the times this juice gets jammed. I juice carrots multiple times a day and did not expect to have to cut the carrots in sticks before juicing. This machine gets jammed pretty easy and is timely and the materials used are cheap plastics. The filtering screen cracked only after a months of use and silicon wipers wore out after two months of use. But it's not like the wipers wore out from just pressure, but the material actually is disintegrating from wear and the only place it can go is into ur juice. I've ordered new Auto Cleaner(s) due to cleaner silicone wipers are out of stock. So I started using an old Hamilton beach juice extractor, which was the reason I ordered Omega...( to get away from it for better "quality" juice!!) But one thing I did notice after going back to Hamilton beach juicer, is that the taste is much better than Omega. Over all, I'm very disappointed with the quality of this juicer and feel it's WAY over priced and over hyped!! Just know what you're buying. Korean made, cheap plastic, having to replace cheaply made parts, spending time cutting root veggies into pieces, not that great tasting, time consuming juicer. Good luck. Peace, Cj

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