Blows the Breville Elite out of the wate November 27, 2012
Reviewer: Kyle from Charles Town WV

I like many other watched the Fat, sick, and nearly dead movie and decided juicing was an amazing way to change my life. I wanted to follow the plan closely so I purchased the same juicer that Joe used during the movie, which was the Breville Elite or 800jxl. The Breville does a decent job on things like apples and carrots but is absolutely horrible when it comes to any greens. The other thing that I noticed was that the pulp was extremely wet and there was a ton of it. I was so discouraged that I gave up on my juice fast completely. Fast forward 8 months and I decided to give juicing another shot but I knew I wanted to find a better way to juice this time if I was going to do it, I wanted to do it right! So I did a ton of research and decided to take the plunge and purchase the Omega VRT350 after reading a ton of glowing reviews. All I can say after my first use is WOW!!! This thing spits out insanely dry pulp compared to the Breville and the yield is so much better. Also, this thing is an absolute breeze to cleanup which is very important to stick with juicing if its a hassle you wont stick with it. My only piece of advice is make sure you properly use this juicer, never use the plunger unless something is stuck. This juicer takes a bit more time to juice but it yields so much more and a better quality of juice if you give it time.

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