Horrible! February 15, 2013
Reviewer: John M from Central Florida

When I first starting juicing ( new VRT350 ) I would get ~ 4 1/2 cups from a set weight of assorted veggies...a fairly good yield.
I used the juicer several times a week and after a few months I barely get 3 1/2 cups from the same set weight. Nothing appears
to be worn or in need of replacement. I contacted Omega several times but they refuse to reply and offer any advice or assistance.
It appears they can't be bothered..their customer support is non existent. That in itself should tell you to stay away from this product.

Btw, I also own an old Champion juicer which I recently refurbished replacing worn parts. The champion outperforms the Omega ( better yield )and their customer support is EXCELLENT!!

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