Okay juicer July 27, 2013
Reviewer: Mike from South Carolina

The juicer is okay. I already have a Juiceman Jr juicer that I own. I bought the masticating juicer in hopes that it would be way better from reviews, and it wasn't way better IMO. This juicer is only slightly nicer to use than my Juiceman Jr. I juiced greens and was happy that it did fine. So, for juicing greens, I see myself using this juicer more than my Juiceman Jr centrifugal juicer. The pulp clean up was nicer; however, the pulp did still feel quite wet. The pulp did extract nicer than from my Juiceman Jr. The taste of the juice produced seemed to be about the same as my Juiceman Jr. So, as things seem to me, it wasn't much better to me.

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